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Question Answer
beta blockers (Use)hypertension, angina pectoris, tachyarrhythmias, (↓ O2 demand )
Beta blockers (What do they do?)• ↓β1-adrenergic blockade ↓HR, ↓contractility ↓AV rate conduction
Beta blockers s/e• Bradycardia /↓ CO/ HypOTN/impotence/depression/hallucination/Not w/ Bronchospasm
Nsg ImplicationsCk/BP PR/ I& O weight/ Pt w/ Resp D/o more chanes of S/E
ACE "il"Action = Block production of angiotensin II  arteriole vasodilation, excretion of Na+ and H2O, retention of K+, and pathological changes to vessels and heart
ACE Uses• Heart failure • Hypertension MI • Peripheral neuropathy Ramipril can prevent MI, stroke, or death in high-risk patients
ACE s/e• Hypotensino Hyperkalemia •No Salt Substitutes • Neutropenia • Call for help to get out of bed/
ACE implications• Captopril 1 hr ac / others ĉ or ŝ food /Should see renal function evidenced by ↓ proteinuria/• K+ supplements/K+ sparing diuretics  hyperkalemia
ARBS "tans"Action=• Blocks action of angiotensin  arteriole vasodilation, excretion of Na+ & H2O, retention of K+
ARBS (Use)• ↓ hypertension (all) • Mgt of heart failure / mortality prevention after MI (valsartan)
arbs (S/E)• Angioedema • Fetal injury
ARBS Implicaton: • ARBs can be taken with or without food • Should see  renal function evidenced by ↓ proteinuria
Question Answer
Calcium Channel BlockersAction=• Nifedipine: x vascular Ca2+channels↓vasodilation peripheral & ♥ arterioles •Verapamil, Diltiazem: Above + ↓ contractility, ↓HR, ↓AV conduction
CCB Use• All: Hypertension •Verapamil, Diltiazem: Hypertension, Angina, Dysrhythmias
CCB s/e Nifedipine: Tachycardia, peripheral edema, acute toxicity •Verapamil, Diltiazem: Orthostatic hypotension, peripheral edema, constipation, cardiac suppression, dysrhythmias, acute toxicity
CCBEducation Administer IV over 2-3 minutes /take b/4 meALS/NO GRAPEFRUIT/LIMIT CAFFEINE/NO HIGH FAT
Recieviing Nitropusside (rapid acting) r/t HTN emergencyUse BP Machine to get Frequent BP measurmenents
AtropineTreatment of sinus bradycardia and heart block.
Atropine C/I Tachycardia secondary to cardiac insufficiency or thyrotoxicosis;
Atropine s/edrowsiness, blurred vision, urinary hesistancy/May alter response to beta-blockers .
Atropine Edu impairs heat regulation/I&O/ no driving/rinse mouth
NitratesOnly IV/Sub-L/Spray Tx acute attacks;
Nitrates C/IPericardial tamponade; pericarditisConcurrent use of PDE-5 inhibitor (sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil) or riociguat.
Nitrates s/eHypoTension/HA take Acetaminophen
Nitrate Imp: BP/ECG
Question Answer
NitroCall ambulance if still have pain 5min after taking Nitro
Nitro Tx MIMonitor for relief of chest pain
Nicotnic Acid/B3d
Question Answer
Bile SequestrantsGive other rx 6hrs/2hrs after taking bile sequestrants
StatinsMuscle aches r/t Rhamdomyalysis /Myopathy Give @night
response to Rx Lasix↓ Dyspnea w/ HOB 30degrees
Dig toxicty s/sBlurred yellow disturbances, N,V,D,
PT w/ A-FibbRx Coumoudin r/t Pooling
Adenosine assess thereapuetic responseshort period of asystole
StatinsEating w/ grapefruit=renal D/O
ACESee pt who needs to go to bathroom post 1st dose