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Question Answer
the last resort of XP recoveryAutomated System Recovery
where to make an Automated System Recovery floppy diskAccessories / System Tools / Backup
What does ASR not do?Backup or restore your data
what should you have before beginning ASR?full system backup
what's the name for system recovery options in Vista / 7System Repair Disk
Where do you create a Vista / 7 system repair disk?Windows Backup and Restore
What does System Repair Disk recovery not do?format or modify data
what is a pre-installation environmentminimal windows operating system, for troubleshooting and recovery
what does msconfig do?manage OS boot and startup configurations
what can register / unregister a DLLregsvr32 (Microsoft Register Server)
what can modify registry settings, import/exportregedit
what updates the registryregsvr32 (Microsoft Register Server)
what are the four event types in event viewer?Application, Security, Setup, System
what's the name for the central event log consolidation of OS informationEvent Viewer
What key gets to Windows Advanced Options at bootF8
What are three big options in Windows Advanced OptionsSafe Mode, Windows Recovery Console, Last Known Good Configuration
What are four types of Safe ModeSafe Mode, with Networking, with Command Prompt, low resolution mode (VGA)
how do you start Windows Recovery Console in XP?start from Windows installation media
how do you start Windows Recovery Console in Vista / 7System Recovery Options / Command Prompt
What can enable/disable service startup, repair the MBR, and create and format drive partitionsWindows Recovery Console

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