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what can you do about slow system performance? (four)Run Windows Update, check/defrag hard drive, check for power-saving mode, scan for malware
what can provide additional details when a device fails to start?event viewer
what to do when "services failed to start" (four)Try starting manually, check account permissions, confirm service dependencies, reinstall the application
what two things preserve DLL version to avoid conflictsWindows File Protection, Windows Resource Protection
Where to configure file associations in XPFolder Options / File Types
Where to configure file associations in Vista / 7Default Programs
What can cause "invalid boot disk" errorUSB drive plugged in, wrong BIOS boot order
what can cause "operating system not found" errormissing boot loader, bad or missing MBR
windows VISTA boot procedureboot sector -> boot manager -> boot configuration data (BCD) -> boot loader -> kernel
what part of the boot process is associated with boot.ini errosBoot Configuration Data (BCD)
what's the command to fix the BCDbootcfg /rebuild
what to do about missing GUI on windows bootupdate or rollback video drivers in Safe Mode, OS repair or recover from backup
BSOD on startup or shutdown is commonly caused bybad hardware or bad drivers
what to do to remedy BSOD on startup / shutdown (four)Use last-known-good, System Restore, or Rollback Driver ; troubleshoot hardware