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three things to troubleshoot for system lockupsCheck for activity lights, Update drivers and patches, consider reverting to restore point
Two things that can cause blank screen on bootBad video, BIOS configuration issue
Two things to try when computer is rebooting continuouslyboot into safe mode, try OS recovery options
what's one thing to do when experiencing unexpected shutdownsrun hardware diagnostics
what to check when only the fans will spincheck power supply output
what's the message commonly associated with a disk read/write error"cannot read from the source disk"
Two things that can cause BSODcorrupted files, severe read/write failures
what can identify bad sectorschkdsk
What does constant HDD activity light meandisk is constantly retrying, I/O error
What to do with OS not found errorsrebuild the MBR and/or boot sector
command to rebuild MBR in XPfixmbr
command to rebuild boot sector in XPfixboot
command to rebuild MBR in Vista/7bootrec /fixmbr
command to rebuild boot sector in Vista/7bootrec /fixboot
what to do when RAID stops workingcheck status of drives, check on RAID controller
what command replaces the fdisk commanddiskpart
what are the two pieces of a Toner probetone generator and inductive probe
what's the pinout on the large apple connector30-pin

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