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e-mail protocol that downloads messages and deletes them from the serverPOP3
e-mail protocol that downloads messages and does not delete them from the serverIMAP
e-mail protocol for sending emailSMTP
what needs to be configured to secure e-mailSSL (secure socket layer)
what encrypts e-mail between the client and the serverSSL (secure socket layer)
e-mail protocol that Microsoft Exchange uses to transfer mailuses its own proprietary Exchange protocol
e-mail that integrates with Active DirectoryMicrosoft Exchange
e-mail protocol used by GMailWeb, POP, and IMAP
what's the nickname for the apple 8-pin connector (for new iPhones)Lightning
Step one of troubleshooting processIdentify the problem
Step two of troubleshooting processEstablish a theory of probable cause
Step three of troubleshooting processTest theory to determine cause
Step four of troubleshooting processEstablish plan of action to resolve the problem and identify potential effects
Step five of troubleshooting processImplement the solution or escalate as necessary
Step six of troubleshooting processVerify full system functionality; implement preventive measures
Step seven of troubleshooting processDocument findings, actions, and outcomes

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