220-802 pg 5.0

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what type of formatting actually erases all of the data?low-level formatting
what type of formatting does not erase data?high-level formatting
who developed Android?Open Handset Alliance
what OS is Android based on?Linux
what OS is iOS based on?Unix
what type of touchscreens require calibration?resistive
what type of touchscreens do not require calibration?capacitive
what detects pitch, roll, and yawgyro
how many satellites do you need to be able to see to have a solid GPS locationfive
steps to establish Bluetooth pairing1. Enable Bluetooth on both devices, 2.Set devices to discoverable, 3. Select Discovered Device, 4. Enter PIN, 5. Test Connectivity
how to synchronize iOSApple iTunes (syncs the whole phone) (wireless or wired)
how to synchronize AndroidOnline with Google (transfer music and movies over USB)

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