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Question Answer
What is always the default route to connection in a computerfastest connection (usually wired)
Establishes a private network from remote locationsVPN concentrator
Does Windows include a built-in VPN client?yes
Could possibly cause connection issues, but most of the time auto-config settings work finespeed and duplex settings
computer sleeps until needed, designed for late-night updatesWake on LAN
Prioritizes network trafficQoS
what must support QoS?local infrastructure
where to manage QoS?Local Computer Policy
a virtual machine manager is called whathypervisor
backup that copies everythingFull backup
Backup that copies everything since last full backupDifferential backup
backup that only copies what has changed since last backupIncremental backup
what is S.M.A.R.T.?Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology, for disk checks
Logical and physical disk checkchkdsk
command for defragmentationdefrag
three main components of Windows updatesSecurity Patches, new features, driver updates
four steps of Patch managementTesting, Scheduling, Implementing, and Fallback
many drivers are updated through what?Windows Update
What's the physical card/fob part of multi-factor authentication called?token

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