220-802 pg 3.0

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Question Answer
Windows browser and proxy configurationsInternet options
Resolution options, text sizeDisplay
Local user account names and typesUser accounts
manage windows explorer optionsFolder options
computer information, OS versionSystem
central security overviewSecurity Center
anti-virus, anti-spyware, automatic updatesSecurity Center
control network access, protect from attackWindows Firewall
manage power use, esp. on laptopsPower options
(Win 7) easily share documents, pictures, music, videoHomegroup
(Win 7) consolidated alert view for updates and securityAction Center
(Win 7) Remote applications look like they're localRemoteApp and Desktop Connections
(Win 7) Applications are configured on the serverRemoteApp and Desktop Connections
(Win 7) high-level diagnosticsTroubleshooting
(Win Vista) Handedness, handwriting recognition, displayTablet PC Settings
(Win Vista) Tap options, pointer options, flicksPen and Input Devices
(Win Vista) Disk usage, encryption, and network optionsOffline Files
(Win Vista) Automatic problem identificationProblem Reports and Solutions
(Win Vista) Common console for printer managementPrinters
(Win XP) Programs, Windows components, program accessAdd/Remove Programs
(Win XP) Local, VPN, serial infrared, etcNetwork Connections
(Win XP) Change firewall settingsNetwork Connections
(Win XP) step-by-step network setupNetwork Setup Wizard
(Win XP) start, pause, share printers; add a faxPrinters and Faxes
(Win XP) security patches, OS updatesAutomatic Updates

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