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Question Answer
a pre-built microsoft management consoleComputer Management
Manage Access to the operating systemUsers and Groups
Administration of security rulesLocal Security Policy
password policy, account lockout policy, etc.Local Security Policy
Gather long term statisticsPerformance Monitor
Set alerts, store statisticsPerformance Monitor
manage background processesWindows Services
run command for windows servicesservices.msc
start, stop, manage automatic startWindows Services
manage boot processes, startup, services, etcSystem Configuration (msconfig)
Schedule an application or batch fileTask scheduler
Device COM+ management, Event Viewer, StatisticsComponent Services
Administer ODBC drivers and connectivityData Sources
manage printers, from one central consolePrint Management
Perform a hardware check of your RAMMemory Diagnostics
versions of windows that include Memory DiagnosticsVista / 7
Allows or disallows data transfer over the networkWindows Firewall
Windows firewall feature that provides additional security optionsAdvanced Security
three performance metrics for Task managerMemory, Disk I/O, Network
Administer disk-related operationsDisk management
tools of disk managementDrive status, adding drives, adding arrays
Simultaneously move data between two PCsSide-by-side migration
Export data, load new OS, and importWipe-and-load migration
tool to migrate from older OS to windows XPFile and Settings transfer Wizard
tool to migrate from XP, Vista, or 7Windows Easy Transfer
tool for command line migrationUser State Migration Tool (USMT)

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