220-802 pg 11.0

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Question Answer
what checks printer operation without any OS or applicationOn-printer test page
where do you go in Windows to print a test pageprinter's properties
what can be done to fix inkjet output with streaks and blursclean print head
what can be done to fix laser output with streaks and blurscheck for scratches on photosensitive drum
what can cause faded prints other than low ink/tonerpoor quality ink / toner
what two things can cause garbled printer outputbad printer drivers, application is sending bad data
what can cause laser printer smudgingbad or underpowered fuser (the toner doesn't fuse as well to the paper)
what can cause incorrect color output?low color ink / toner for one cartrdige
where do you look for printer rights and permissions on the networkWindows printer security tab
Low printer memory problems can be fixed byadding more printer RAM
Where can you restart the printer spoolerwindows services
what can cause print jobs to become stuck in queuecrashed printer spooler

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