220-802 pg 1.02

bananapanda's version from 2016-01-12 16:47


Question Answer
command that replaces the Pre-XP FDISK commanddiskpart
command to prepare a disk for use by the operating systemformat
command to fix logical error on the hard diskchkdsk /f
command to locate bad sectors, recover informationchkdsk /r
command to make a directorymd
command to change current directorycd
command to remove a directoryrd
command to list files and directoriesdir
command to remove a file from a directory or diskdel
command that verifies that new files are written correctlycopy /v
command that suppresses overwrite promptscopy /y
command to copy multiple files and directory treesxcopy
command that functionally replaces xcopyrobocopy
command that is designed to handle NTFS file system detailsrobocopy
command that displays a list of currently running processestasklist
command that terminates processes by PID or image nametaskkill
command for system file checkersfc
command that runs the system file checkersfc /scannow
command to shut down a computershutdown

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