220-802 pg 1.01

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Question Answer
command to show all TCP / IP detailsipconfig /all
command to release the DHCP leaseipconfig /release
command to renew the DHCP leaseipconfig /renew
command to flush the DNS resolver cacheipconfig /flushdns
command to test reachability to an TCP/IP addressping <ip address>
command to ping until stopped with CTRL-Cping -t <ip address>
command to resolve address to a hostnameping -a <ip address>
command to send a # of echo requestsping -n <count> <ip address>
command to send with "Don't Fragment" flag setping -f <ip address>
determines the route a packet takes to a destinationtracert
protocol that tracert takes advantage ofICMP Time to Live Exceeded error message (not all devices use it)
command to lookup information from DNS serversnslookup
command to show all active connectionsnetstat -a
command to show all binary active connectionsnetstat -b
command to not resolve names, but show connectionsnetstat -n
command to query NetBIOS over TCP/IP informationnbtstat
command to List local NetBIOS namesnbtstat -n
command to list remote NetBIOS namesnbtstat -A <ip address> or nbtstat -a <device name>
command for Windows network commandsnet
command to connect to a resourcenet use
command to list available resourcesnet view
command to start or stop Windows servicesnet start / net stop
command to fix the MBR on Windows XPfixmbr [device-name]
command to fix the MBR on Vista / 7bootrec /fixmbr
command to fix the boot sector on Windows XPfixboot [drive]
command to fix the boot sector on Vista / 7bootrec /fixboot

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