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what operating system has Flip3DWindows 7 Pro
what can be installed on a virtualized client to enhance user experience and provide closer integration with the host operating systems?Guest tools
what is the easiest path to create persistently mapped drives using a login scriptWindows Domain
Which of the following tabs in Display properties will allow the technician to extend the Windows desktop onto the second monitor?Settings
what command line tool would be used to display all network information for a local PC? ipconfig
What command line tool will bring up a GUI interface to shutdown a remote PC? shutdown -i
What is the default file format that Windows XP will use to format a new installation hard drive NTFS
what's the command to convert a FAT32 drive to NTFS CONVERT
A technician would like to image 50 desktop computers from a recently optimized test machine. What command would ready the test machine for capturing the image? SYSPREP
what utility can tell you what programs are running at startup MSINFO32
what command will allow you to create a new logical partition DISKPART
if a laptop screen is initially normal brightness, but after a while becomes very dark, what's going on? failing inverter
where would you find pages per second and queue length for a hard drive? Performance Monitor

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