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what are two possible causes of heavy video artifacts and random video dropoutincompatible drivers, graphics card is near death
in WIndows 7, what can be used after installing a video card and nothing is displayed on screenStartup Repair
what do you do about sudden loss of internet connectivity and the ip address is showing the network cable
if a user cannot print to a printer after clearing a paper jam, what should be checkedtry clearing the print queue, it may be stuck
if a computer restarts every day at 3:00pm, where should you look first for a solutionEvent Viewer
if a computer slows to a crawl every time it tries to print, but shutting down the print spooler restores full functionality, where should you check firstEvent Viewer
a printer is showing a paper jam error, but the track has been shown to be clear, what should be done next?check if the pick up rollers are worn out
what is the Vista utility that can turn off automatic startup of programs on bootPerformance information and tools
what's the first thing to check if a computer is BSODing after replacement of the CMOS batteryAHCI – IDE setting under SATA options in the BIOS
what's the easiest way to switch between using a static IP at work, and a DHCP address at homePlace the static IP in the alternative field while using DHCP
when a folder is copied into a shared folder, what happens to the permissions of the copied folder?they change to the permissions of the shared folder
what happens when two computers on a network share a nameonly one PC can log into the network, one of the computers will need to change its name
Windows Virtual PC is intended to run on what operating systemWindows XP SP3, Windows 7 and up
what's the command for changing many users to Power Users rather than Administratorsgpedit.msc

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