22 FC 160 MC

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FWD Entry Area SSMegaphone PBE 3 O2s Halon ELT
1st LH Side OHB FC2 Survival Kits Lifevests
LH Side OHB FWD of 2L2 First Aid Kits 2 Survival Kits
Doghouse 2L JumpseatO2
Last LH Side OHB MCMegaphone ELT 2 Survival Kits
LH Side Doghouse AFT MC1st Aid Kit 2 O2s

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5th RH Side OHB FC2 IMK AED ANC Grab and Go
Dog House at 2 R Jumpseat 1st aid kit Pbe (Halon or H20)
JumpseatFlashlight Lifevest
RH Doghouse AFT MC2 PBEs Halon and (Halon or H20)

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Question Answer
How many seats in FC22
Inflight WheelchairLH Side Doghouse AFT FC
Arm rests for Customers with Disabilities12 15 19 22 25 28 31 32 34 35 C
Lavs for Customers with DisabilitiesLAV A and M
Video Cassette Player Above 36 DEF
Jump Seats Min CrewFA 1- 1 L FA 2 4L Aisleside FA 3 2 R FA 4 4 R
Jumpseats MAX CrewFA 1 1L , FA 2 - 4L Doorside FA 3 2 R, FA 4 4 R, FA 5 2L, FA 6 4 L Aisleside

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