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Survey, Recall, Read, Review, QuestionSQ3R
Pre-reviewing, Summarizing, Analyzing, Re-reading, & RespondingCriticical Reading
Record, Reduce, Recite, Reflect and Review5Rs
LiteratureForm of written works
Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Prose, Drama & Media6 Genres of Literature
Visual/Spatial, Logical, Naturalist, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Musical & Bodily kinesthetic7 Types of Multiple Intelligence

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Iconoclastic Policy of Spanish ColonizersWHY FILIPINOS HAVE POOR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT PAST?
Ancient Filipino prefer oral communicationWHY FILIPINOS HAVE POOR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT PAST?
Poverty and lack of cultural enlightenmentWHY FILIPINOS HAVE POOR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT PAST?

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Wood, Bamboo and Nipa palmHouses in Pre-Spanish Period were made of
LadderWas to prevent strangers from intruding when owner is not around
BatalanJar of heart
KanganUpper part of male clothing
KanganJacket w/ short sleeves
BahagLower part of male clothing
BahagStrip of cloth wrapped around the waist and between the legs
PutongHeader of male clothing
Baro/CamisaUpper part of female clothing
SayaLower part of female clothing
Nobles, Freemen & Slaves3 types of social classes
NoblesComposed of rulers and their families occupied the highest class
FreemenWorking class
Aliping namamahay & Aliping sagigilidSlaves are classified into two;
Aliping namamahayNot full pledged slave
Aliping namamahayHad their own respective families & houses
Aliping namamahayRequired to serve their masters only during planting and harvesting season
Aliping sagigilidReal salves
Aliping sagigilidForbidden to form own families
Aliping sagigilidCan be used as payment for a debt
Datu/RajaHead of barangay
Implementing law, Maintaining peace and order and Gives protection to his subjectsPower and Function of Datu
UmalokohanA newly enacted law made known to the public through town crier
Protection people recieve from datuPurpose of taxation
Buwisis the collected tax
For trade, Peace & Mutual ProtectionPurpose of Alliance
SanduguanBlood compact
Judicial ProcessManner of determining guilt of accused showed the religiosity of natives
Trial of ordealIs the judicial process
Bigay KayaType of dowry consisted of a piece of land or gold
PanghimuyatGift of groom's parents
HimarawPayment for raising the future bride during her infancy period
Bigay susoBride's wet nurse receive a share of dowry
Mixed marriageMarriage between couple belonging to different social classes
Adultery, Abandonment on part of husband, Cruelty & InsanityGrounds of divorce
For survivalPurpose of education during pre-spanish period
PatomimesAncient dances during pre-spanish period that could be referred today as...

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Tagalog, Ilocos, Pampangan,Pangasinan, Sugbuhanon, Hiligaynon, Magindanao & Samarnon8 Major languages
3 Vowels and 14 ConsonantsAncient Filipino alphabet consisted of:
Alibata/BaybayinAncient Philippine Alphabet
AnimisnmBelief in indigenous spiritual belief during olden times
AnimisnmApplies to the belief that within all creatures and all objects, there exists a sooul
Myths, Legends, Fables and Fantasy StoriesFolk Tales are classified into four:
MythsAbout the creation of universe, God, origin of man, supernatural beings and native Filipino heroes
LegendsStories that tell the origin of certain things, place, etc.
FablesStories about animals and inanimate beings that are made to speak and act like rational beings
Fantasy StoriesStories about the unseen world or the underworld & supernatural characters
ChantsHelp express the feelings of Filipino in their daily lives
Riddlesexpress 'talinhaga'
Proverbsexpress norms of behavior, community beliefs
ProverbsInstill values by offering wisdom in short, rhyming verses
Folk SongForm of fol lyric which expresses the hopes & aspirations, the people's lifestyles as well as their loves
Religious Prose & Poetry and Secular Prose & PoetryLiterature during colonial period is classified as
1605Catechism Pasyon Novenas
Secular Prose & PoetryKind of prose written to prescribe proper decorum
Jose Corazon de Jesus & Francisco BalagtasLeading poets
DectasyllabicUsed for a poetic form in which each stanza consists of four lines of ten syllables
OctosyllabicLine of verse with eight syllables eachs
Florante & LauraMost famous of the country's metrical romances
19th century Illustrados began to write about the downside of colonization
Ninay by Padre PaternoConsidered first Philippine Novel
1885Ninay was published
1930sIntroduction of English as medium of Instruction in the Philippines
Free verse, Modern short story & EssayLiterature forms in American Colonial Period
Jose Garcia VillaNational Artist for Literature
"Art for art's sake"Dictum of Jose Garcia Villa
Alejandro G. Abadillaadvocated modernism in poetry
1925Short story in English
1920sEssays in English
Dead Starswritten by Paz Marquez Benitez
Dead StarsFirst successful short story in English written by a Filipino Lateron

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BathalaSupreme Being
IdiyanaleGod of Agriculture
SidapaGod of Death
AgniGod of Fire
MandaranganGod of War
TalahonGod of Harvest
IginaruganGod of Hell