20th Century Events

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Berlin WallBarrier in Berlin, East Germany, that symbolizes Cold War
Camp David AccordsPresident Carters attempt at Middle East peace in the late 70's
Cold WarWar without bullets between two world superpowers- USA and USSR
Containment Theorypolicy of US presidents after WW2 to prevent the spread of communism
Cuban Missile Crisis 1963conflict between Cuba and US over placement of nuclear missiles: brink of nuclear war between US and USSR
Equal Rights AmendmentProposed amendment in the 70's that would guarantee equal rights to women
MLK Jr.Leader of nonviolent civil rights movement
Human RightsUN declaration that describes the world citizen's rights
Iran-Contra AffairAn episode during presidents Reagan's administration involving illegal arms sales to terrorists
Jim Crow Lawsany law requiring segregation of races within America

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Korean War 1951-1953Conflict between North Korea and South Korea involving UN troops. Not officially over
Marshall PlanUS plan to rebuild Europe post WW1
McCarthyismSenator Joseph McCarthy's crusade against real and imagined Communism in America
MADMutually Assured Destruction-deterrent for nuclear war
NASASpace agency wing of the US government responsible for our space projects
NATOAgency of Western European countries and the US allied to prevent Communist aggression
OPECOrganization of oil exporting countries in the Middle East that limits oil supply for the world
Civil Rights Act of 1964A law to enforce application of equal civil rights to all americanas
Iraq War 2003United Nations invasions of Iraq on the pretext of WMDs to topple Saddam Hussein's regime
Persian Gulf War 1991War involving the US and its allies against Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait

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ReaganomicsPresident Reagan's fiscal policy that favored businesses over the individual taxpayer
SALTtreaty to limit nuclear weapons
September 11th Terrorist AttackCoordinated strike at World Trade towers and other targets by members of al-Qaeda
Space RaceAmerica's and the USSR's race to develop space technology and put men on the moon
Brown vs Board of EducationSupreme court case that overturned segregation in schools and public places
Truman DoctrinePresident Truman's attempt to contain Communism through financial aid
United NationsAgency of independent nations that attempts to maintain world peace
Vietnam Warconflict between North Vietnam and South Vietnam over communism that involved US forces
Warsaw PactUSSR agency that militarily opposed NATO
WatergateScandal that forced President Nixon's resignation

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