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Question Answer
Morphemesmallest unit of speech that conveys meaning
Brown's 14 Grammatical Morphemes definition and purposeDescribes childrens' development of the major inflectional morphemes, and used to assign values to childrens' simple sentences
MLU=Total number of morphemes / total number of utternaces. It's reliable up to 4.0
Modal VerbsGive more info about the main verb. Express futurity (will shall), probability, and obligation/politness
Perfective AuxillariesUsed to express an action that still has relevance to the present (peter has fallen in love)
Lexical CategoriesNoun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, Preposition
Non Lexical CategoriesDeterminer, Auxillary, conjunction, degree word, qualifier
Three year olds use _________ words a day.12,000
Three year olds have an expressive vocabulary of _________ words.900-1000
Four year olds use _________ words a day.15,000
Four year olds have an expressive vocabulary of _________ words.1500-1600
Scaffolded Conversationswith others
Monologueswith self
RegisterDifferent style of speaking; eg: motherese, role playing. Vary ptich, loudness, Politness markers/ commands etc.
Conversational TopicsIntroduction and Acceptance, Maintenance (shading (shifting focus), additional information, request for additional information), Closure (new topic, reintroducing new topic, ending conversation)
Conversational PresuppositionKnowing what info to include --3 year old 85 percent accurate
Narrative DevelopmentHeaping, Centering/Additive Sequences, Temporal Chains, Event Structure
Narrative Language includesSelf generated stories, recounting events, retelling stories, recalling tv show