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what are the different social spaces where you can achieve your aspirations and have fulfillment in life school work leisure expression relationships
how can you self knowledge help you achieve the future you aspire when you know yourself you can make better decisions about what You aspire for your future
in order to considered information valuable for making a decision it needs to be reliable clear and suitable information
what are human rightsthey re the recognition of inherent dignity and the quality between every human being. They re inalienable and the base of freedom justice, and peace in the world
why are human rights important in order to achieve a democratic citizenship a democratic citizenship needs to de aware of its rights and obligations as well as to be accept societies responsibility to protect every human being
what is an active citizenship a citizen that values and defends democracy is informed participates in a responsable way, is aware of his rights and obligations respect human rights and laws.
what kind of problems can achieve an active citizens help,in societydiscrimination violence corruption violence
what solutions have been put into practice present democracies for peaceful coexistence of different ideas laws regarding, freedom of speech presence of congress elections
what re unequal opportunities, how can they improve society when chances are given to a certain group of people and not to another of the same characteristics they can be impoved by promoting equality
what re the difficulties that a teenager faces when trying to actively participate in todays society they're not taken into account, because of age and maturity reasons, although they start having serious responsibilities. they still depend on adults and dangerous situations like getting into drugs addictions or pregnancy .