2.2 Local area Network

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What are the two types of topologiesStar-computers have a cable connecting them to a switch which routes messages to computers
Mesh-connect offices/cities
Pro's of star networkIf cable fails computers are not affected
Consistent performance
Cons of star networkExpensive to install due to a lot of cabling and extra hardware
2)if server/central switch fails whole network goes down
How does info travel in Mesh Network Info travels from Node A to Node B by hopping wirelessly
More nodes=Further connection speed
Define full & partial mesh networkFull mesh network- every node needs to connect to another node
Partial Mesh network-some nodes aren't directly connected
Pros of mesh networkCheaper-less cables
More nodes=faster,bigger network
Faster networks
RouterDesigned to route data packets across a WAN
SwitchComponents of LAN that knows MAC add
NICComponent required to connect any network enabled device to internet
What does the Ethernet do Describes how devices should format data for transmission between computers on same network

Section 2

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PRO's of copper cable1)Adequate speed
Cons of copper cable1)Breaks easily
2)Affected by electromagnetic interference
Pros of fibre optics1)Greater Bandwidth
2)Faster transmission
3)Not affected by electromagnetic interference
Virtual networks Subset of computers connected together as part of larger physical network
When is VPN set up When an employee in a remote location needs to connect to private network

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