2.1 Quantum & Nuclear Physics Eq.

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Energy of a Photon
Linking Energy and Wavelength (De Broglie)
Heisenburg's Uncertainty relations
Planck's Constant
Principal Quantum Number (ie. total energy of electron)
Orbital/ Azimuthal Quantum Number (ie. determines orbital angular momentum)
Magnetic Quantum Number
Spin Quantum Number
Elementary Charge number
Electric Charge of Nucleus
Mass Defect due to release of binding energy from nucleons
Magnitude of atomic nucleus magnetic moment
Dirac Constant
Law of Radioactive Decay
Number of Nuclei, based on number at beginning of monitoring vs. natural logarithms
Relationship between Decay Constant and Half Life (Physical half-life)
Relationship between effective, physical and biological half life
Attenuation of Ionizing radiation through a material
Mass Attenuation Coefficient
Linear Attenuation Constant
Mass Attenuation Coefficient Equation
Electron Volt in Joules
Decay Expressed with Effective decay constant
Photoelectric effect energy

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