1st term review

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Section 1

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what is human development indexan indicator to evaluate the wellbeing of everts country population
What is the difference between private and public affairsprivate affairs it only affects you and your health and public affects more than your own
what are basic needs and what is the importance in societywhat humans need in order for people to have fulfillment in water, food, protection
Define the concept of shared responsibility and give an example of it between the state and societywhen government provides laws and institutions for their society
What is personal integrity the moral and ethical decisions that protect your wellbeing

Section 2

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What is the process for making individual decisionsThink about what you want to do,then you have tho think if it is good or bad
What difference are between the process of individual and collective decisionsfor the individual you need to think about yourself and the collective involves others so you have to think about them
Give an example of an individual decision and a collective decisionand individual decision like in what school you want to study, collective what president
What are the situations that affect coexistence and risk personal integrityDRUGS, CORRUPTION, POBERTY
What is social development and how do measure itsocial development is when the persons of a society have a good life quality we measure it with the human development