140 Verbs

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alumbrarto illuminate, to light, to enlighten
alumbrarseto be (get) high, to get tipsy, to become lively
alzarto heave, to life, to pick up, to raise (prices)
anunciarto announce, foretell, proclaim
apagarto put out (flame, fire), to extinguish, to turn off (flame, fire, light)
apoderarseto take power, to take possession
apreciarto appreciate, to appraise, to esteem
apresurarseto hasten, to hurry, to rush
aprobarto approve, to pass a test
apurarseto fret, grieve, worry
arrancarto root up (out), to pull up (out), to tear off (away), to snatch
arreglarto fix, to arrange, to adjust, to regulate, to settle, to repair
arrojarto fling, to hurl, to throw
articularto articulate, to pronounce distinctly
asirto seize, to grasp
atenerseto rely on, to depend on
atraerto attract, to allure, to charm
atravesarto cross, to go through, to run through
atreverseto dare, to venture
averiguarto find out, to inquire, to investigate
balbucearto stammer, to hesitate in speech
barrerto sweep, to whisk
bendecirto bless, to consecrate
bostezarto yawn, to gape
botarto fling, to cast (away), to throw (away), to launch
bullirto boil, to bustle, to hustle, to stir
caberto be contained, fit into
caerseto fall, fall down, tumble
calzarto shoe, to wear (shoes), to put on (shoes)
certificarto certainly, to register (a letter), to attest
chistarto mumble, to mutter
cogerto seize, to take, to grasp, to grab, to catch
colocarto place, to put
componerto compose
conseguirto attain, to get, to obtain
convenirto agree, to convene
convocarto call together, to convene, to convoke, to summon
correrto run, to race, to flow
cortarto cut, to cut off, to cut out
cumplirto fulfill, to keep (a promise), to reach one's birthday (use with anos)
delinquirto be delinquent, to violate the law
demostrarto demonstrate, to prove
derribarto knock down, to overthrow, to tear down, to throw down
describirto describe, to delineate
descubrirto discover
desempenarto play (a part), to act (a part), to discharge, to perform (a duty), to take out of pawn
deshacerto undo, to destroy, to take apart
despedirseto take leave of, to say good-bye to
despegarto detach, to unglue, to unstick, to take off (airplane)
desperezarseto stretch oneself, to stretch one's arms and legs
desvestirseto undress oneself, to get undressed
detenerto stop (someone or something), to detain
detenerseto stop (oneself)
devolverto return (an object), to refund, to give back
dispensarto excuse, to dispense, to distribute, to exempt
distinguirto distinguish
dolerto ache, to pain, to hurt, to cause grief, to cause regret
echarto cast, to fling, to hurt, to pitch, to throw
ejecutarto execute, to carry out, to perform
ejercerto exercise, to practice (a professional)
embeberto soak, in, to soak up, to suck in, to imbibe
encenderto incite, to inflame, to kindle, to light
enojarseto become angry, to get angry, to get cross
entregarto deliver, to hand over, to give
enunciarto enunciate, to state
envolverto wrap up
erguirto raise, to stand up straight
errarto err, to wander, to roam, to miss
esparcirto scatter, to spread
estimarto estimate, to esteem, to respect, to value
exigirto demand, to urge, to require
festejarto feast, to entertain, to celebrate
fijarseto take notice, to pay attention, to settle
formarto form, to shape
gastarto spend (money), to wear out, to waste
gemirto grieve, to groan, to moan
grunirto grumble, to grunt, to growl, to creak
hallarto find, to discover, to locate
huirto escape, to flee, to run away, to slip away
ignorarto be ignorant of, not to know
impedirto hinder, to impede, to prevent
imprimirto imprint, to impress, to print, to fix in the mind
inducirto induce, to influence, to persuade
inscribirto inscribe, to record, to register
inscribirseto enroll, to register
lastimarseto hurt oneself, to feel sorry for, to complain, to regret
maldecirto curse
manejarto manage, to handle, to drive, to operate (a vehicle)
mantenerto maintain, to keep up, to support, to provide for
marcarto mark, to note, to observe
marcharto walk, to march, to function (machine), to run (machine)
montarto mount, to go up, to climb, to get on, to wind (a watch)
moverto move, to persuade, to excite
mudarseto change one's clothes, to change one's place of residence, to move
ordenarto order, to command, to put in order, to arrange
organizarto organize, to arrange, to set up
osarto dare, to venture
pararseto stop (oneself)
partirto leave, to depart, to divide, to split
pasarto pass (by), to happen, to spend (time)

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