140 Verbs part 2

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Question Answer
pasearseto take a walk, to parade
pegarto beat, to hit, to slap, to stick, to glue, to paste
pintarseto make up (one's face), to tint, to colour (one's hair, lips, etc.)
pisarto tread (on), to step on, to trample
placerto gratify, to humour, to please
platicarto chat, to talk over, to discuss
ponerseto put on (clothing), to become, to set (of sun)
predicarto preach
principiarto begin
probarseto try on (clothes)
proclamarto proclaim, to promulgate
producirto produce, to cause
pulirto polish
quitarseto take off (clothing), to remove oneself, to withdraw
raerto scrape, to rub off, to erase, to wipe out
recogerto pick (up), to gather, to harvest
recomendarto recommend, to commend, to advise
reconocerto recognize, to ackowledge, to be grateful for
recordarto remember, to recall, to remind
referirto refer, to relate
regarto water, to irrigate, to sprinkle
remitirto remit, to forward, to transmit
repararto mend, to repair, to notice, to observe
repartirto distribute, to deal cards
retrasarto delay, to retard
revocarto revoke, to repeal
revolverto revolve, to turn around, to turn over, to turn upside down
rogarto supplicate, to ask, to ask for, to request, to beg, to pray
romperto break, to shatter, to tear
sacudirto shake, to jerk, to jolt
saltarto jump, to leap, to hop, to spring
sentirto feel sorry, to regret, to feel
separarto separate, to detach, to sort, to set apart
serto be
sollozarto sob, to whimper
someterto subdue, to subject, to surrender, to submit
soplarto blow, to blow out
sostenerto sustain, to support, to maintain, to uphold
subscribirto subscribe, to agree with, to sign
sufrirto suffer, to endure, to bear up, to undergo
sugerirto hint, to insinuate, to suggest
sumergirto submerge, to plunge, to immerse, to sink
suprimirto suppress, to abolish, to cancel (in mathematics), to eliminate
surgirto surge, to appear, to sprout, to spurt
suspirarto sigh
tanerto pluck, to play (a stringed instrument)
temerto fear, to dread
tenderto extend, to offer, to stretch, to spread out, to hang out (washing)
tentarto examine by touch, to feel with the fingers, to attempt, to try
tirarto pull, to draw, to pitch (a ball), to shoot (a gun), to throw, to fling
tropezarto stumble, to blunder
velarto stay awake, to guard, to watch over
vigilarto watch (over), to keep guard, to look out for
votarto vote, to vow
yacerto lie down, to be lying down, to lie in a grave
zumbarto buzz, to hum, to flutter around
zurcirto darn, to mend
abatirto knock down, to overthrow, to throw down
abrasarto burn, to set on fire
abrazarto embrace, to hug, to clamp
absolverto absolve, to acquit
abstenerseto abstain
aburrirto annoy, to bore, to vex
acabarto finish, to end, to complete
acelerarto accelerate, to speed, to hasten, to hurry
acercarto bring near, to place near
acercarseto approach, to draw near
acertarto hit the mark, to hit upon, to do (something right, to succeed in, to guess right)
aclamarto acclaim, to applaud, to shout, to hail
aclararto explain, to clarify, to make clear, to rinse, to clear
acordarto agree (upon)
acordarseto remember
acostarseto go to bed, to lie down
acuchillarto knife, to cut, to flash, to cut open
acudirto attend, to be present frequently, to respond to a call, to come to the rescue
adelantarto advance, to keep on, to progress, to go ahead
adelantarseto go forward, to go ahead, to move ahead, to take the lead
adivinarto divine, to foretell, to guess
admitirto admit, to grant, to permit
adquirirto acquire, to get, to obtain
advertirto advise, to give notice, to give warning, to take notice of, to warn
agarrarto grasp, to obtain, to seize, to catch, to clutch, to come upon
agitarto agitate, to wave, to shake up, to stir
agradarto please, to be pleasing
agrandarto enlarge, to grow larger, to increase
agravarto aggravate, to make worse
agregarto add, to collect, to gather, to agregate, to collate
aguardarto expect, to wait for
alcanzarto reach, to overtake

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