14,15,16 Dynamics

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Section 1

Question Answer
with so many diagnoses and med terms, we often lose sight that ___ have these disabilitiespeople
emphasize what was ___ and what ___ you are using to judge accomplishmentsaccomplished; standards
3 points when countering our biasesrecognitiong of sameness of people, dont focus on differences, what we have in common with those with disability
problem with ability (do diff)disability
result of multiple barriers imposed by societyhandicap
control "using wheelchair"active
victimization and need for help "being confined to wheelchair"passive
our professional help should be ____ in accordance with our own ___ of how likely a client's situation is to _________ witht that helpeffective; perceptions; change

Section 2

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combo of sex drive/acts/aspect of personality concerned with learned communication and relationship patternssexuality
behavior involving secondary erogenous zones and genitalia intercourse sex acts
being sexually mature includessexuality is an integral part of identity, feelings exist even if we dont want, responsible to act as to not harm other or use for own advantages, responsible for preventing STD/unwanted preganancy, dont judge others for orientation/preferences
list healthcare communication goals related to sex and disabilityestablish repport, determine history, assess relationships in life, identify changes since onset of illness, determine how changes have been explained to pt and how their quality of life has been affected, communicate so that questions are encouraged
will i leave/how will it affect me sexually is a typical question forspinal cord injury
3 points of effective communication with sex/rehabprevent shaming experience, maintain privacy, dont make judgements
what might be the reason a pt would act out sexuallymay be means of gaining control of situation in which they feel dependent
acknowledge this is natural part of our own ___ is the first stp to ___humanness; selfawareness
give permission to pt that its okay to inquire w/o embarassmentpermission
provide general and basic educationlimited info
provide specific way to resolve problemspecific suggestion
beyond rehab setting, requires psychotherapy, relationship counseling, or surgeryintensive therapy

Section 3

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not just cuz we can tie up _________ or tell _________ how much we love them, but beause of the ___ we feelloose ends, close people, liberation
hospice promises patient willdie w/controlled pain 2 greatest possible extent and quality of life wil become primary focus
hospica care- death is accepted asinevitable and family encouraged to talk openly w/pt in prep for death
5 stage of coping with anxiety around deathintellectualization, emotional survivla, depression,emotional arrival, deep compassion
fully understand and giving of selfdeep compassion
need to deny and intellecutualize deathintellectualization
children are born with fear of death T/Ffalse
if fear of death is held ___ then one is unable to ___ so then it is ___consciously; functions; repressed
extreemme total repression or losing consciousnesdenial
HC workers cant personalize but allow pt to experienceanger
deal cut with life or fate or Godbargaining
pt becomes quiet, lethargic, keep to themselvesdepression
live live as precious giftacceptance
kubler stage of death/dyingdenial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance