130 Test Study Guide 14-15 Part 1

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Section 1

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A system that manages data for an entire healthcare business is referred to as an ?Enterprise-wide System
What is physical topology?How data flows through the network
Name and define one broad class of system.Operation Support System (OSS) - An information system that facilitates the operational management of a healthcare organization
In which phase of the systems development life cycle are trial runs of the new system conducted, backup and disasterrecover procedures developed and training of end users conducted?Implementation
_______ enable computers on the network to communicate with each other.Network Protocols
List the basic compnents of every information system.Hardware (machines and media), software (computer programs), communications tehcnology (computer networks) known as information technology (IT)
What does conducting a JAD meanA technique used to identify the goals, objectives and required functions of a proposal IS.
Database management systems fall into 2 categories ?Personal DBMS - Server-Based DBMS
This is a type of computer network that is specifically designed to allow direct communication between the networks of seperate companies?Extranets
What type of information system has the potential to increase work effectiveness?Knowledge management system
Name activities that enterprise systems perform?Human Resource Management - Financial Management -Customer relationship management - Supply Chain Planning - Sales and Logistics
How is a Gannt chart used in the SDLC Process?Schedule and track the milestones in the implementation process. (testing the new system, training the end users, and converting the new system)

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What is the function of the Knowledge management system?To increase work effectiveness
______ is the central building block that supports communication across business processes?Data Dictionary
Name and define the 3 of the most common approaches used when converting from an old IS to a new ID.Parallel - Phased - Direct cutover
What is the goal/function of a DSS?Provide information to help users make accurate decisions
What are the 4 main types of physical topologies?Bus - Star - Ring - Mesh
What is an HIE?Health Information Exchange - going to be the foundations for the electronic health record.
What are the 5 types/categories of Information Systems (IS); mnemonic OEMEKOperation Support systems; Enterprise-wide systems; Management support information Systems; Expert systems; Knowledge management systems
IS (Information Systems) have 5 activitiesInput; Processing; Output; Storage; Controlling
What are the 5 IS components?Hardware; Software; Communications Technology; Data; Work Processes
*Development of Information Systems (System development life cycle) SDLC?PADIM: Planning - Analysis - Design - Implementation - Maintenance
In the planning phase of the Development of Information systems who gives guidance to make sure the clinical needs are being met?Chief Information Officer (CIO)
What are the 6 categories of computers?Supercomputers - Mainframe Systems - Midrange Systems - Microcomputers - Handheld devices (Generic) - Cellular Phones

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What are the 3 types of computersAnalog - Digital - Hybrid
Explain an "Analog" type of computer.Based on voltage and current, low memory size, limited
Explain a "Digital" type of computer0's and 1's, electrical impluses, Can process more and function at a higher capacity
Explain a "Hybrid" computer.A combination of an analog and a digital computer, fast and accurate. This type is used in places like ICU monitors in a hospital
What are the two types of Key Fields in a Relational Database?Primary key (each row in a table is unique and must not change in value) - Foreign Key (a column of one table that corresponds to a primary key in another table)
List a few of Data Quality Characteristics (Backbone of the Health Record)?Accuracy - Accessibility - Consistency - Precision - Timeliness
What is the principal purpose of the data warehouse?To provide data for improved decision support.
Data mining identifies ______ and is performed by individuals with a background in ________.patterns and relationships - statistical analysis
The term Telecommunications is used to _______?describe voice and data communications within an organization (i.e. telephone, email, access a database)
A communications sytem is made up of what four components?Transmitter (Sends information) - Receiver (receives information) - Medium (mechanism that connects the transmitter to the receiver) - Data (Creates the message that is transferred from the transmitter to the received as electrical pulses)
Network computers play one of two roles: _______Client (accesses shared resources) or server (computer that shares resources i.e. printer, stroage space, etc)
What are the 3 main types of network architectures?Local area network (LAN) - Wide area network (WAN) - Wireless network

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Physical topology is ______?How data flows through the network. (How data travels from one computer or hub to another).
Personal Productivity Software are software applications designed _______?for individual use on personal computers to improve the efficiency and productivity of work. (Exp. Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Access, Word)
What is a business associate?Not a covered entity and needs a business agreement to handle PHI. Must have the same security just as a HIPAA covered entity.
What do General Rules Provide?Scope for Hipaa Security. Must have security safeguards protecting individually identifiable health information maintained or transmitted in electornis form.
Give two examples of General Rules:1. Ensure confidentiality, integrity & availability of all e-PHI by covered entity. 2. Ensure compliance with HIPAA Security by workforce members.
What are Administrative Safeguards?Security measures put into place. (i.e. policies & procedures / security awareness trainings)
What does the OCR do? (Office of Civil Rights)Oversee breaches & HIPAA Privacy & Security
What is a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)?A plan that ensures continued business operations in case of an unexpected computer shut down. (i.e. Natural disaster, electrical outages/power surges).
What is a risk analysis?A gap analysis to find out where the company vulnarabilites are.
List 3 examples or components/measures of a Security Program.1. Physical & Administrative Safeguards 2. Access Safeguards 3. Employee awareness including ongoing education and training
List 3 elements/concepts of a security program.1. Protecting Data Privace 2. Ensuring Data Integrity 3. Ensuring Data Availability
Define Data IntegrityData is complete, accurate, consistent and up-to-date.
List the HIPAA Security Provisions.Technical Safeguards - Administrative Safeguards - Physical Safeguards - Organizational Requirements - Policies and Procedures and Documentation Requirements

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What is an audit trail?A software program that tracks every single access of data in the computer system.
What are the 3 Security General Measures that need to be practiced?1. Management Practices 2. Physical Safeguards 3. Technical Measures
Give an example of a Management Practice.Employees are prohibited from sharing their passwords.
What does a physical safegaurd do?Protects information resources (computer systems) from loss, theft, physical damage, and natural or other disasters. (exp. doors locked secured that house major computer systems).
What is a Technical Measure?Access Control - Who has access to what part of the computer system
What did ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) do in general?Actions related to Health Information Technology Law - Title XIII also known as HITECH
Security breaches are caused mainly by what two things?1. Threats caused by people 2. Threats caused by environment and hardware or softward factors
What is confidentiality?The expectation that information shared by an individual with a healthcare provider will only be used for its intended purposes
What is privacy?The right of an individual to limit access to information about his/her person
What is Authorization?The right granted to an individual to use the computer, computer resource or user number.
What is identification?The basic building block of access control, usually performed through the user name or user number
What is protecting the privacy of data?Safeguarding access