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whats the nature of humankindmetaphysical
how does man now what he knowsEpistemology
what is beautiful? What are the standards & “rules of right conduct”?axiology
produced many cures and technological developments; recent trend is more holisticreductionist
not only means, but as an end not only as treatment as a goal
General class of human actions directed towards a goalActivity
Basic unit of behavior; simplest forms of actionstask
task makes upactivity
change in function that promotes survival or self-actualizationadaption
specific occupation TO BRING ABOUT a change in performance/treatmentoccupation as a mean
desired outcome of treatmentoccupation as an end
ot is based onhumanism
treated as person not obj/diagnosishumanism
Unselfish concern for the welfare of othersaltruism
Treating all individuals equally with an attitude of fairness and impartialityequality
An individual’s right to exercise choice and to demonstrate independencefreedom
Need for all OT practitioners to abide the laws that govern the practice and to respect the legal rightsjustice
A value demonstrated through behavior that is accountable, honest, and accurate, and maintains your professional competencetruthfulness
Ability to demonstrate sound judgment, care, and discretionprudence

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What is OT view of humanhumanistic holistic
What are similarities and diff between Occupation, activity, and tasks Task: basic unit of behavior; bunch of task make up activity...a type of activity can be occupation
philosohical base ofacitive being; purposeful activity; adaption; purposeful activity facilitates adaption
Human kind as functioning body partreductionism

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