11. Water and its Properties

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1. Water has anomalous properties for a molecule its size, because it has the ability to form hydrogen bonds
2. Oxygen is delta negative, the Hydrogen is delta positive
3. Uneven distribution of charge causes a change in bond angle (104.5 instead of 180)
4. Water is a good solvent because it dissociates into OH- and H3O+ easily
5. Hydrogen bonds between water molecules create tetrahedrons (seen in ice)
6. With rising temperature, tetrahedron structure is disrupted and irregular structure arises. This is more dense than ice.
7. This is in the vicinity of 4 degrees - above the melting point. This means during freezing, slightly warmer water will sink
to the bottom, and freezing will proceed from the top.
8. Water molecules create solvation envelopes around polar molecules and ions, these locally increase water density.
Most of the water in organisms is bound in these solvation envelopes. This stabilizes molecular structures.
9. Affects the shape of cells and tonus of tissues.

Vital functions in the body

Question Answer
Conudctive Properties of Heat?Water is a good conductor of heat, and removes heat from overheated areas.
Specific Heat Capacity?Water has a high specific heat capacity, making for good thermoregulation (Water is 4.187 kJ/kgK)
Percentage in the body60 percent
Solvent PropertiesEffective solvent of polar and ionic compounds, which can conduct electricity and allow for electric processes in the biomembrane
ReactionsProvides a good environment for reactions
FacilitatesTransport Processes

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