11+ Vocab Unit 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
affectiona gentle liking, fondness
destructioncausing so much damage it no longer exists or can be repaired
digestionprocess of digesting food
dimensionmeasurable extent like breadth, width, height, depth, time
editiona version of a book/text; total number of copies of a book, newspaper
exceptiondoes not follow the rule
excursiona short journey or trip
expeditiona journey by a group of people for a particular purpose
explosiona violent blowing apart
introductionintroducing something
oppositionresistance in action or argument
pensionpayment by the state (government) for people of retirement age
perfectionquality of being perfect
processionnumber of people or vehicles moving forward in an orderly fashion
productionmaking stuff from raw materials
successionnumber of people of things following one after another

Section 2

Question Answer
alphabetstandard set of letters for a language
antagonistadversary, opponent
apparentclearly visible or understood, obvious
benefitan advantage gained
decrepitworn out or ruined because of age or neglect
defectan imperfection or shortcoming
divertcause to change course from one direction to another
intelligentshowing cleverness
moatdeep, wide ditch surrounding a castle
overtdone or shown openly
patriota person who vigorously supports their country
propheta person as a proclaimer of the will of god
prospectthe possibility of some future event happening
spata quarrel
violentusing physical force to hurt, damage
worstof the poorest quality or lowest standard

Section 3

Question Answer
appearancethe way someone or something looks
appointassign a job or role to someone
easela wooden frame holding an artist's work
jointat point at which parts of a structure are joined
Martiansfictional inhabitant of Mars
moistslightly wet
Parliamentthe House of Lords and the House of Commons, a group of rooks or owls
pliableeasily bent, flexible
reasonablefair and sensible, having sound judgement
reliableconsistently good in quality or performance
seedlinga young plant
speechlessunable to speak due to shock or strong emotion
steepestmost vertical slope, highest price
steeplechurch tower or spire
tortoiseslow-moving land reptile
wealred swollen mark left on flesh by blow or pressure

Section 4

Question Answer
audiosound, especially when recorded, transmitted or reproduced
fuchsiaa shrub with purple-red flowers
gorillaa powerfully built great ape
guineaa former British gold coin
hymna religious song or poem to praise god
khakidull green brown-yellow colour, used in military clothing
leaguea collection of people, countries, sports clubs
magia sorcerer, mainly of ancient Persia
mauvepale purple colour
orchestraa group of instrumentalists together playing classical music
pharaohruler in ancient Egypt
samuraia member of a powerful military caste in feudal Japan
siegemilitary operation where enemy forces surround a town or building
vacuuma space devoid of matter
virtuebehaviour showing high moral standards
yoghurta semi-solid food prepared from milk fermented by adding bacteria