11+ Vocab Unit 1

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Section 1

Question Answer
bruisesblack marks on the body
flumea water chute
mustardstrong tasting, yellow sauce
obtusean angle larger than 90deg
persuadecoax, encourage
religiousto have a religion
salutean armed forces greeting
supremeultimate, the best
tautpulled tight
tonguea part of the mouth
universethe whole world and beyond

Section 2

Question Answer
acknowledgeaccept or admit the existence or truth of
baggagesuitcases, bags or unfavourable past experience
cartilagetissue connect bones together
cartridgecontainer holding ink, film, bullets
drudgehard, dull work
forgecreating something strong
grudgepersistent feelling of ill-will or resentment
indulgeallow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of
orphanagean institution for the care of orphans
partridgeshort-tailed game bird
postagesending letters or parcels
privilegea special right or advantage
refugea place for safe shelter
salvagerescue from loss at sea
singeburn lightly
urgestrong desire or impulse; persuade strongly

Section 3

Question Answer
amphibiancreatures like toads and newts
cauldrona witch's cooking pot
dalmation101 spotted dog breed
domainan area ruled
lengthento make longer
maintainto keep and look after
medalliona medal worn around the neck
obtainto get
opticiansomeone who tests our eyes
pardonto forgive
pentagona 5-sided shape
slainto be killed
sustainto keep going
tablespoona large spoon
tendonligament, muscle
yearnto long for or desire

Section 4

Question Answer
airywell ventilated
brainyhaving or showing intelligence
clarifymake less confused
edgytense, nervous, irritable
flimsyeasily damaged
frumpyold-fashioned, dowdy
grimycovered in grime, dirt
mutinyrefuse to obey orders to those in authority
portraydepict, describe
purifyremove contaminants from
slaveryhuman bondage
solidifymake or become hard or solid
sorryfeeling sad or distressed
stonycovered with small pieces of rock
sympathyfelling pity or sorrow
wavyhaving wave-like curves, undulating