11+ Vocab 5

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Section 1

Question Answer
gagglea group of geese, group of noisy or silly
protagonistan important supporter of an idea or political system
sprigsingle plant stem with leaves (flowers) on it
clutchedgrab tightly
embroidereddecorated with patterns or pictures
poisedstill but ready to move at any moment
buryingbury in the ground

Section 2

Question Answer
falterlose strength or purpose or stop
taperto gradually become narrower at one end
tremorshaking movement in a person's body; small earthquake
acquaintanceperson you have met but don't know well
condensecompact, reduce something in length or quantity
limousinea large, expensive car
odoroushaving an unpleasant smell
grimaceface twists in an ugly way because of pain or strong dislike
placidhaving a calm, appearance

Section 3

Question Answer
rancidtasting or smelling unpleasant
compulsivedoing something a lot and unable to stop doing it
impulsivedoing things suddenly without planning
nomadicpeople who move from one place to another
optimistichoping believing good things will happen in the future
pessimisticthinking bad things are more likely to happen
oracle(especially in ancient Greece) know a lot about a subject and give good advice
pallidvery pale, looks unhealthy
postponedelay an event to happen at another date