11+ Vocab 4

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Section 1

Question Answer
clamourloud or confused noise
ostentatiousshowy, designed to impress
troupea group of dancers
vivaciouslively and animated
coherentlogical and consistent
complimenta polite expression of praise or admiration
despondentin low spirits
effervescentgiving bubbles, fizzy
gnarledknobbly, rough
thymea minty type of plant

Section 2

Question Answer
whimperingmake a low, feeble sound of fear, pain or unhappiness
wreatharrangement of flowers
acquaintedknow someone slightly
acrylica type of plastic produced from chemical processes
quiltedmade of thick soft material that is sewn into place
squealedmake a long, high sound
trekwalk a long distance
matchsticka match
flawlessperfect without mistakes
lavishlarge in quantity and expensive or impressive

Section 3

Question Answer
necessitythe need for something
oppressedgoverned in an unfair or cruel way
delvesearch by digging to find something
enslavemake someone a slave
litheyoung, healthy and attractive and able to bend, move smoothly
stutteredstammer, speak first part of word with difficulty or repeating it several times
cynicalbelieving people are only interested in themselves and are not sincere
feralwild, uncontrolled (lion)
dinghya small, open boat
forthright(too) honest or direct in behaviour