11-3-17 Biology Test

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Section 1

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CerebrumSenses, movement, thinking, personality, memory
CerebellumMuscle coordination, balance
Hypothalamus Part of the brain and endocrine system, the hypothalamus regulates physiological processes like water balance, body temperature, feeding and sleep,
NeuronNerve cell that produce, send and receive signals
Endocrine systemChemical messaging system
HormonesChemical messengers of the endocrine system.
ReceptorProteins that fit and respond to specific hormones to make the hosting cell respond

Section 2

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VasopressinChemical released by endocrine system to combat dehydration by absorbing more water from the bloodstream
ThirstNervous system - induced voluntary and short term response to coerce the drinking of water
Sensory neuronsNeurons that detect dehydration and release vasopressin
Blood clottingExample of positive feedback. Minimizes blood loss.

Section 3

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Negative feedback systemsCounteraction/negation of change in system in order to maintain equilibrium
Positive feedback systemsAdjusts internal conditions toward the initial condition.