100 most common-part 1 - MCQs Revision

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1.Most common aortic branch involved in Takayasu arteritisLeft subclavian
2. Most common cause of respiratory distress in newbornTransient tachypnea of the newborn
3. Most common location to see Asbestosis sequalePosterior lower lobes.
4. Most common karyotype / chromosomal abnormality in USADown’s syndrome
5. Most common osseous lymphoma, primary and secondaryDiffuse large B-cell lymphoma
6. Most common primary malignant orbital tumor in childhoodRhabdomyosarcoma
7. Most common type of fluid collection in scrotumHydrocele
8. Most common type of liposarcoma to affect childrenMyxoid liposarcoma
9. Most common abdominal emergency of early childhoodIntussusception.
10. Most common acetabular fracturePosterior acetabulum.
11. Most common affected bowel segment in TBIleocecal area.
12. Most common affected joint in goutFirst MTP.
13. Most common AIDS-related neoplasmKaposi Sarcoma
14. Most common allergic aspergillosis syndromeAllergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis.
15. Most common anatomic variant of pancreasPancreas divisum
16. Most common anomalous course of RCAInterarterial
17. Most common appearance of Legionella at the peak of the diseaseBilateral airspace consolidation
18. Most common assoc. w/ Fx of great toe distal phalanx with physeal involvementOsteomyelitis.
19. Most common associated anomaly with coarctationBicuspid valve.
20. Most common association of PAPVRSinus venosus type ASD.


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21. Most common association with small left colon syndromeMaternal DM
22. Most common bacterial cause of mesenteric adenitisYersinia enterocolitica.
23. Most common benign cardiac rhythm abnormalityPAC
24. Most common benign cartilage-containing tumorOsteochondroma
25. Most common benign growth of the skeletonOsteochondroma
26. Most common benign hepatic lesionHemangioma
27. Most common benign hepatic tumor during fist 6 mo. of lifeInfantile Hemangioendothelioma
28. Most common benign intraconal tumor of the orbit in adultsCavernous hemangiomas.
29. Most common benign masses caused by asbestos exposureAtelectatic Asbestos Pseudotumor
30. Most common benign mesenchymal tumor of kidneyAML
31. Most common benign mucosal tumor of the esophagusPapilloma
32. Most common benign nasopharyngeal tumorJuvenile angiofibroma.
33. Most common benign orbital tumor in childhoodDermoid Cyst of Orbit
34. Most common benign ovarian neoplasm in young and middle-aged women (<45 years)Mature teratoma
35. Most common benign radiation-induced tumor of the musculoskeletal systemOsteochondroma
36. Most common benign rib lesion in an adultFibrous dysplasia.
37. Most common benign soft-tissue tumor of the footPlantar fibromatosis
38. Most common benign soft-tissue tumor of vascular originHemangioma
39. Most common benign solid tumor in women of childbearing ageFibroadenoma
40. Most common benign testicular massSimple cyst


Question Answer
41. Most common benign tumor of spleenHemangioma
42. Most common benign tumor of the larynxSquamous papilloma
43. Most common benign tumor of the lungHamartoma
44. Most common benign tumor of the small bowelGIST
45. Most common benign vascular gastric tumorGlomus tumor of stomach.
46. Most common bilateral testicular tumorLymphoma
47. Most common biliary complication s/p lap. cholecystectomyBile duct leak from cystic duct stump.
48. Most common biliary complication s/p liver transplantationObstruction/stenosis at anastomosis.
49. Most common bladder neoplasm in children younger than 10 yearsRhabdomyosarcoma
50. Most common bone to develop an osteochondromaFemur (tibia second most common)
51. Most common brain anomaly on prenatal sonogramsIsolated Mild Ventriculomegaly
52. Most common breast tumor under age 25 yearsFibroadenoma
53. Most common cardiac manifestation of Systemic Lupus ErythematousPericarditis
54. Most common cardiac tumor in childrenRhabdomyoma.
55. Most common cardiac valvular tumorPapillary fibroelastoma
56. Most common carpal dislocationTransscaphoid perilunate dislocation.
57. Most common causative organism of acute pyogenic meningitis in adultsStrep. pneumoniae
58. Most common causative organism of neonatal pyogenic meningitisE. coli
59. Most common cause for failure of dialysis graftFibrointimal hyperplasia-venous outflow stenosis.
60. Most common cause for late failure in lung transplant patientBronchiolitis obliterans



Question Answer
61. Most common cause for pulmonary edemaLeft-sided heart disease
62. Most common cause non iatrogenic cause of small bowel obstructionHernia
63. Most common cause of a large choroid plexus cystTrisomy 18.
64. Most common cause of a large pleural fluid collection in the newborn periodChylothorax
65. Most common cause of acute renal failure in children requiring dialysisHUS
66. Most common cause of acute testicular pain in postpubertal maleAcute epididymitis
67. Most common cause of acute testicular pain in prepubertal maleTorsion
68. Most common cause of AIDS cholangiopathyCryptosporidium
69. Most common cause of an echogenic renal mass in a 3-month-oldMesoblastic nephroma.
70. Most common cause of an intraorbital mass lesion in adultPseudotumor of Orbit
71. Most common cause of AS in Western worldDegenerative disease
72. Most common cause of bilateral breast edemaCHF.
73. Most common cause of bilateral echogenic renal cortexChronic glomerulonephritis.
74. Most common cause of biliary obstructionCholedocholithiasis
75. Most common cause of bleeding between menstrual cyclesEndometrial hyperplasia.
76. Most common cause of bronchopneumoniaStaphylococcal
77. Most common cause of cancer deaths in males and femalesBronchogenic Carcinoma
78. Most common cause of cause of infectious esophagitisCandida Esophagitis
79. Most common cause of cavitary (necrotic) pneumonia in a childStrep pneum.
80. Most common cause of Charcot jointsDiabetes mellitus


Question Answer
81. Most common cause of CHF in a childALCAPA / aberrant left coronary artery
82. Most common cause of CHF in a neonateHypoplastic Left Heart.
83. Most common cause of chronic hydronephrosis in renal transplantUV anastomosis stricture.
84. Most common cause of colonic obstruction in adultsMalignancy
85. Most common cause of colonic obstruction in the infantMeconium plug syndrome in CF patients
86. Most common cause of colovesical fistulaDiverticulitis
87. Most common cause of congenital CNS infectionCMV.
88. Most common cause of congenital duodenal obstructionDuodenal atresia.
89. Most common cause of congenital sensorineural hearing lossGiant vestibular aqueduct syndrome
90. Most common cause of cord ischemiaThromboembolic disease
91. Most common cause of coronary artery aneurysm in USAAtherosclerosis
92. Most common cause of coronary artery aneurysm WorldwideKawasaki
93. Most common cause of cyanosis in a childTetralogy of Fallot
94. Most common cause of cyanosis n newbornTransposition of great vessels
95. Most common cause of death in a severe pelvic fractureHemorrhage.
96. Most common cause of death in Ataxia –TelangiectasiaRespiratory failure.
97. Most common cause of death in Jeune syndromeRespiratory failure
98. Most common cause of drop metsMedulloblastoma
99. Most common cause of dwarfismAchondroplasia
100. Most common cause of echogenic renal pyramids in childrenFurosemide