100. Artificial Heart and Lungs

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1. Breathing assist devices assist when breathing is spontaneous but not enough to sustain life.
(This is indicated by O2 pressure in the blood and blood pH)
2. Can replace breathing at Apnoea.
3. There are 2 types of Breathing assist machines:


Question Answer
Pressure ControlledSwitches Inspiration to Expiration at a set pressure
Volume-ControlledCan set Intake volume, inspiration pressure and breath freq.


4. Breath Assist Machines can have different amounts of control (total -> just humidifying)
5. A person has 8-24 inspirations per minute
6. Inspiration pressure will not exceed 7kPa
7. A cardiopulmonary bypass has 3 parts


Question Answer
Blood PumpA peristaltic pump that will form a pulse in the blood
OxygenatorRemoves CO2 in the blood and replaces it with Oxygen.
HeaterAdjusts the temperature of the blood to make it the same as the patients body

Peristaltic Pump



8. If the heart is seriously defective and there is no donor heart, an artificial heart can be put in.
9. It consists of some valves made of polyurethane and a pump driven by compressed air
or an electric motor.
10. The motor has to remain on the outside of the body, and is uncomfortable for patients.
11. Often, patients with artificial hearts do not live long
12. It is more common to replace only parts of the heart such as the valves.