10 Codes

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Section 1

Question Answer
10-1receiving poorly
10-2receiving well
10-3Go Ahead


Question Answer
10-6Busy: Stand by unless urgent
10-7Out of service
10-8In service
10-10Out of Service (subject to call, give phone number)


Question Answer
10-11Dispatching too rapidly
10-12Stand By(hold current physical location)
10-13Weather and road conditions
10-15Subject in vehicle


Question Answer
10-17Meet Complainant
10-18Complete Present Assignment ASAP
10-19Return to _______
10-20Your location
10-21Call by telephone


Question Answer
10-22Give number where you can be reached
10-23Stand by
10-24Records indicate wanted or stolen
10-25Pedestrian Check
10-26Detaining Subject, Expedite
10-27Driver's License Info.


Question Answer
10-28Vehicle registration Info.
10-29Check records for wanted
10-30Illegal use of radio
10-31Crime in Progress(specify type)
10-32Person with weapon(specify type and male or female, if known)


Question Answer
10-33Chase in Progress
10-34General Broadcast
10-36Correct Time
10-37Dispatcher on Duty?
10-38Stopping suspicious vehicle


Question Answer
10-39Investigating suspicious vehicle
10-40Permission to leave patrol area
10-41Report of prowler
10-42Dog Case
10-43Intoxicated pedestrian


Question Answer
10-44Possible mental subject
10-45Domestic situation
10-46Prisoner in custody
10-47medical examiner needed
10-48unattended death


Question Answer
10-49Possible homicide
10-50Cruiser involved in accident
10-51debris in road
10-52Improperly parked vehicle
10-53Possible OUI


Question Answer
10-54Drag racing
10-55Automobile accident
10-56Wrecker Needed
10-57Ambulance needed
10-58Direct traffic


Question Answer
10-59Assist motorist
10-60Lost Hunter
10-61Hunting accident
10-62Drowning accident
10-63Night hunting


Question Answer
10-64Dog-deer complaint
10-65Boating Accident
10-66Snowmobile accident
10-70Civil disturbance
10-71Bomb threat


Question Answer
10-72Fire alarm
10-73Trouble at the station
10-74Officer needs assistance
10-75Emergency air clearance
10-76Jail or Prison Break


Question Answer
10-77Road block
10-78Bank alarm
10-79Plane Crash
10-80House or Business alarm
10-81Report of smoke


Question Answer
10-82Persons fighting
10-83Traffic violation
10-85Will be late
10-89Too much air time
10-90Unable to give information over the air, call by phone
Signal 1000Keep all air traffic to an absolute minimum(emergency in progress)


Section 2=
Question Answer
1Your Attitude
2Tombstone Courage
3Not Enough Rest
4Taking a bad position
5Danger Signs


Question Answer
6Failure to watch hands of suspect
7Relaxing too soon
8Improper use of no handcuffs
9No search or poor search
10Dirty or Inoperative weapon


Section 3=
Question Answer
I.freedom of religion, speech, and the press, to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and protects the right of assembly
II.This amendment protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms.
IIIThis amendment guards against the forced quartering of troops.
IVThis amendment protects the people from unreasonable searches and seizures.
V.This amendment guarantees a trial by jury and "due process of law," and guards against double jeopardy (being charged twice for the same offense) and self-incrimination


Question Answer
VI.This amendment outlines the rights of the accused, including the right to have a "speedy and public" trial, the right to be informed of the charges made against him, the right to call witnesses in his defense, and the right to have an attorney in his defense.
VII.This amendment lays out the rules of common law.
VIII.This amendment protects against "cruel and unusual" punishments.
IX.This amendment ensures that the individual rights that are not enumerated in the Constitution are secure—that is, that these rights should not be automatically infringed upon because they are omitted from the Constitution.
X.This amendment limits the power of federal government by reserving for the states all powers that are not explicitly granted to the federal government by the Constitution, nor denied to the states.

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