10-18-17 Biology Test

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Section 1

Question Answer
NucleusContains DNA and controls cell function
Cell WallStructural support
Golgi ComplexFolding and packaging of molecule
MitochondrionBreaks down glucose to form ATP
Cell MembraneControls what enters and exits
PlasmodesmataAllows fluid flow between different cells
ChloroplastUses light, H2O, CO2 to make glucose through photosynthesis
RibosomesProduces protein
Large Central VacuoleStores water and some waste.
R.E.R.Produces and transports proteins
NucleolusProduces ribosomes

Section 2

Question Answer
Simple DiffusionPassive transport through the cell membrane
Facilitated DiffusionPassive transport through carrier protein
Protein PumpActive transport through protein pump using ATP
Cell MembraneBi-layer composed of hydrophilic phospholipid heads and hydrophobic phospholipid tails
ATPRequired for the use of the protein pump variation of active transport
H2O/O2/CO2Molecules used in simple diffusion
Glucose/AAMolecules used in facilitated diffusion
Sodium/PotassiumMolecules used in the protein pump variation of active transport

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