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Question Answer
LiteratureAll writing in prose and poetry
DramaStory told through dialog and action
ProseAny writing or storytelling that is not poetry
CharactersThe people that inhabit literature and drama
SettingThe place in which a character's story happens
PlotStory events providing a beginning, middle, and end
ThemeThe basic idea of the story; the moral or lesson
StyleThe way a writer uses his words to create the story
Point of viewHow a story is told; who is telling it
NarratorThe person who is telling the story
First personA story is told by a story character, using the pronoun
Third-person limitedA single character tells the story, using he or she
Third-person omniscientAll-knowing, speaking through all characters
MotivationReasons for a character's actions
SentimentTrue emotion that comes out of the story
Plot lineThe various stages of the plot in the story
ConflictProblem that creates the actions of the story
Rising actionsAuthor creates suspense; what happens next?
CimaxHighest point of the story interest-it's now or never
Falling actionThe final part of the story