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Question Answer
1 a ____ is a single charactoristic of a person, place, object, or ideafield
2 you cannect the records in two separate tables through a(n) ___ that appears in both tablescommon field
3 The ____whose values uniquely identify each record in a table is called a _____ when it is placed in a second table to form a relationship between two tables
4 the ___ is the area of the Access window that lists all the objects in a database, and it is the main control center for opening and working with database objects
5 What is the name of the field that Access creates, by defult, as the primary key field for a new table in Datasheet view?
6 Which group on the Fields tab contains the options you use to add new fields to a table?
7 What does a pencil symbol at the beginning of a record represent? What does a Star represent?
8 Explain how the saving process in Access is different from saving in other Office Programs .: