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AIS-Abbreviated Injury ScoreAIS reflect the nature of the injury and the threat to life of the injury by body system
The American College of SurgeonApprove the cancer program
ISS- Injury Severity ScoreThe severity measurement calculate from AIS score for PT with multiple injury
The North American Association of Central Cancer RegistriesHave certification program for state population
CDCnational standard of the completeness, timliness and quality of cancer registry data from state registries through National Program of cancer registries
American Trauma Society-ATSProvide core and advance workshop for trauma registrar. Provide certification exam for trauma registrar who meet their education and experience requirement through Registrar Certification Board.
Med Watch Reporting Systemalert health professional and the public safty alerts and medical device recalls
NCRAWork with college to develop formal education program for cancer registries
Histocompatibilitythe compatilbility of donor and recepient tissue
National vaccine adviroey committeedevelop a core set immune data elements to be include in immune registry
Medicare Provider Analysis and Review File-MedPARSNF and hospital claim data for Medicare Claim
National Practictioner Data BankMandate under Health care quality improvement act of 1986, provide database of medicare malpractice pmt.
Health care Integrity and Protection data bankpart of HIPAA of 1966. collection of info on health care fraud and abuse becasues it has no central place to obtain info
Natinal library of medicine develop database at
Agency for healthcare research and quality - AHRQlook at the issue related to the efficiency and effectiveness of health care delivery system, disease protocol and guidline for inprove disease outcome
Healthcare cost and utilization project-HCUPuse data to collect at the state level from claim and discharge abstract data, and report by IND hospital and some care by freestanding
HCUP cosist of NIS, SID, SASD, KID
National Library of medicine -NLMProduce 2 data base: MEDLINE and UMLS
MEDLINEbest known database from NLM. HIM mgr use MeDLINE to locate article on improvement and medical reserch activities
UMLSmedical vocab ICD9. u=integrate biochemical concept from variety of source to show their relationship
Data quality issue-ACCTC1. Data Accuracy 2.Comprehensiveness of data 3. Consistency of data 4.Timelyness of data 5. Data Confidentiality
1. Data Accuracy Data are correct. Edit si the the database
2.Comprehensiveness of d ataData are reliability. Interrator reliability
Interrator reliabilityis the method of checking by compared to identity and discripency
3. Consistency of data completness. missing data may prevent the database from being useful for research or clinical desision making
4.Timelyness of datadata should be up to date
5. Data Confidentialityguaruntee the privacy of personal health infor
Stake holder is someone who effect by same issue

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The American College of SurgeonACS
The North American Association of Central Cancer RegistriesNAACCR
National Program of cancer registriesNPCR
Education and certification for cancer registries national cancer registrars AssoNCRA
Abbreviated Injury ScoreAIS
Injury Severity ScoreISS
American Trauma SocietyATS
Unet of United Network for Organ Sharing-Big oneUNOS
natianal marrow donor programNMDP
National vaccine adviroey committeeNVAC
Medicare Provider Analysis and Review FileMEDPAR
National Practictioner Data BankBPDB
Health care Integrity and Protection data bankHIPDB
National center for health statisticNCHS
Agency for healthcare research and quality AHRQ
Healthcare cost and utilization projectHCUP
National Library of medicine -NLM
Medical literature, analysis and retrieval systemMEDLINE
Unified Medical Language systemUMLS