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I will be talking about
Why has this group of people have been displaced
Organized groups,
And Body of knowledge


Do you know why 200,000 Puerto Ricans recently out migrated to different states in the US?
Since Puerto Rico was struck by Hurricane Maria in late September, the island has struggled with many different problems such as electricity, fresh water shortage, and shutdown of schools. These problems are driving people away from Puerto Rico and into the US.


Electricity was cut off to 100% of the island, and access to clean water and food became limited for most. Later, only 40% of the island regained electricity after 3 months


1.2 million people lost access to clean water to use for drinking and bathing, and plague has rapidly been spreading across Puerto Rico through various, polluted waterways.


305 schools out of 1100 in Puerto Rico are permanently closed down to save the government’s money to improve economic condition.


Do you know still 3.2 million Puerto Ricans are still struggling with limited resources?
Luckily many different organized groups were formed to support the Puerto Rico, and many protests were taking place on the streets of Puerto Rico for monetary or objective aid to support all victims of the two horrible hurricanes, but slowly, the protests ceased when violent action was taken against all protesting Puerto Ricans. Organized groups still exist in Puerto Rico to help these people without a land.
Despite the need, Puerto Rico has struggled to secure adequate relief funds from the U.S. government. A billion dollar loan recently approved by Congress is now being withheld for the time being.



On the bright side, many Puerto Ricans have already known the dangers of hurricanes, so there have been many flood barriers setup all around Puerto Rico in many different places. These flood barriers have saved a lot of people from flooding and saves many people from the shackles of homelessness.