1.5 Exponential Functions

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what does it mean if "a" is greater than 1 ?we have Exponential Growth
what does it mean if "a" is less than 1 ?we have Exponential Decay
what is the largest possible domain for the Exponential Function?All Real Numbers
what are exponential growth / exponential decay often described in?in terms of Percent(%) growth / decay
what is the general formula for Exponential Functions?P = Po(a)^t
how do we find "a" ?a = 1 + r
Linear Function changes by a fixed ....?number
Exponential Function changes by a fixed...?percentage(%)
If a question ever says "leaving the body" what does that mean?that it is Exponential Decay
How can we tell if data from a table..came from an Exponential Function?step1: look at the number column on the right side of the table 2: take each number and DIVIDE it by the previous number 3: After Dividing all of them...if they are all EQUAL...then it came from an Exponential Function

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