1-4 West Africa Empires- Nayeli Soto

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Question Answer
What is the silent barter?Silent barter is a process in which people exchange goods without ever contacting each other directly.
Who became the ruler of Songhai in 1464?Sunni Ali became ruler of Songhai in 1464.
What title did Sunni Baru take for his high military rank ?Askia the Great was the title that Sunni Baru took for his high military rank.
What an oral history?An oral history is a spoken record of past events.
What are griots?West Africa storytellers were called griots.
What does proverbs mean?Proverbs means a short saying of wisdom or truth.
Who was Mali's most famous ruler?Mansa Musa was Mali's most famous ruler.
What are three important trading cities that the army captured?Timbuktu, Gao, and Djenne were the three most famous cities that were captured by the army.
Who was the last major of Muslim visitors in West Africa?Leo Africanus was the last major of Muslim visitors in West Africa.
What is a kente?A kente is a hand-woven that's bright colored fabric.
What's a pilgrimage?Pilgrimage is a trip or a route.
What is the only language spoken in West Africa?Arabic is the only spoken language in West Africa.
Whose name is a non-Arabic name?Leo Africanus name is a non-Arabic name.
Which two artists were inspired West African's sculptures?Matisse and Picasso were the two artists that were inspired West Africa sculptures.
Who was Sunni Baru's father?Sunni Baru's father was Sunni Ali.
Which river flowed through both Ghana and Mali?The Niger river flowed through both Ghana and Mali.
Who was Tunka Manin?Tunka Manin was Ghana's king who ruled the empire at the height of it's power.
Whatwas Ghana's great trading city?Koumbi Saleh was Ghana's great trading city.
Who was Sundiata?Sundiata was ruler and led Mali's Empire rise to power.
When did Mali lose it's power and most of it's land?1500 is the date when Mali lost its power and most of it's land.