1.3 Vocab

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Question Answer
asceticpracticing great self-denial
astutemarked by practical hardheaded intelligence
attritiona wearing down to weaken or destroy
augmentto enlarge or increase
austereof a stern or strict bearing or demeanor
rebuke an act or expression of criticism or censure
rebutoverthrow by argument, evidence or proof
recalcitrant stubbornly resistant to authority or control
recant formally reject or disavow a formally held belief
reciprocal something that has a mutual reaction to something else
reclusive withdrawn from society; seeking solitude
recondite difficult to penetrate (hard to understand)
recrimination mutual assumptions
redolent having a strong pleasant odor
redundant repeating the same sense in different words
refute overthrow by argument; evidence or proof
reiterate to say, state, or preform again
relegateexpel, as in special degree
relentless never-ceasing
relinquish turn away from; give up