1.3 Average Rate of Change and Relative Change

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Section 1

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average rate of change = ?(change in y) / (change in t) ==>change in vertical/change in horizontal => f(x2) - f(x1) / x2 - x1
What is the average rate of change for a Linear Function?the Slope
what is always on the bottom of the avg rate of change equation?the changes in time(dates/years)
what is the avg rate of change?the line connecting two points on a graph - also called the Secant Line - also the Slope of the line
concave up?graph is open and facing upwards
concave down?graph is closed and facing downward

Section 2

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What is Velocity? the average rate of change of a distance(position) with respect to time
what is the Average Velocity formula?change in distance(position) / change in time
what is Speed ?speed is the absolute value of Velocity ---> speed = |velocity|
What is Speed always?Positive
What is the Relative Change equation?Relative Change = P1 - Po / Po
What is "Po" ?our Initial Quantity
What is Relative Change Often Expressed as ?aa Percentage (%)

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