1.2 Linear Functions

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Question Answer
how can we tell by looking at a graph if it is a Linear Function?if the graph is a Straight Line
what is the equation for Slope?rise / run (use any 2 points on the line)
What must something pass to be considered a Function?the Vertical Line Test
Are Circles Functions?No, they fail the vertical line test
What is the Domain?the set of Inputs for a function (x-values)
What is the Range?set of Outputs for a function (y-values)
What 2 things are Linear Functions made up of?Slope & y - intercept
what is slope intercept form?y = mx + b (m) = slope (b) = y -int
what is point slope form?y-yo = m(x - xo)
what is the slope and what does the line look like for y = 6the Slope = 0 and it is a completely flat horizontal line
if we have the equation x = 8 what does that mean?the slope is Undefined and it is a straight Vertical Line
How do we find the equation for a line, when we are given 2 points?step1: find the slope of the 2 points step2: find the Y-intercept(b) step3: now that we have "m" and "b" put into "y = mx + b" form
How do we know if data from a table came from a Linear Function?if differences in "y-values" are constant for equal differences in "x-values"

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